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Better Support, Better Outcomes

Somnea Health tracks and supports sleep apnea patients through their CPAP journey, allowing your practice to provide better care and increase revenue.

42 min

average increase in CPAP usage within the first 30 days


more days treated in 90 days following program enrollment


patients satisfaction with Somnea platform


We ensure your patients get the support they need

Our platform provides personalized resources, best practices rooted in behavioral science and remote coaching to your patients - all in addition to the support your practice provides.

Why partner with Somnea?

Improve outcomes

Through coaching and technology, we improve patient compliance with CPAP treatment and support them in improving their sleep health.

Seamless integration

Get started quickly with no complicated integration and begin referring patients to our program. We provide complete visibility into the patient's journey.

Enhance experience

We can help improve patient satisfaction by engaging patients with their health information and providing proactive health experiences anytime, anywhere.

Generate revenue

We can help generate additional revenue by expanding service lines without expanding your team, resulting in greater growth potential.

  • How does it work?
    As patients are referred to Somnea Health, we will work to onboard them and create a personalized care plan for them based on their characteristics. As we engage with patients provide coaching, our team will share the observations and details through your EMR, ready for billing. We only get paid for patients that receive meaningful coaching support.
  • How much can we expect to bill per month per patient?
    Physicians can collect approximately $178.25 per patient per month in insurance reimbursement for the following CPT codes: $19.32 one-time for CPT 99453: Initial setup visit to issue device & educate patient. $50.15 every 30 days for CPT 99454: Provide one or more devices to the patient & collect data. $48.80 monthly for CPT 99457: Initial 20 minutes of monitoring/communication time spent per patient. $39.65 monthly for CPT 99458 x 2: Additional 20 minute increments of monitoring/communication time spent per patient.
  • How much of my staff's time is required?
    Beyond the initial implementation, we do not expect your staff to spend time within the Somnea platform. New entries and data will be shared with your EMR, and any additional time spent by your staff will be related to billing additional services where applicable.
  • Does my office need to learn new software?
    No. Our team will transfer data to your EMR and the daily processes of remote patient monitoring.
  • Will my patients have someone to call?
    Yes. Patients can reach their coach via the platform via message, phone, or video call. We aim to enhance the existing relationship with your patient. We will work closely with you during the implementation to ensure that communication is streamlined based on your staff and operating model.
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