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Personal sleep & CPAP support

Adjusting to CPAP isn't easy. Especially when it feels like you're on your own. Somnea is here to help.

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Sleep coach for guidance

Get a personal sleep coach who will work with you to enhance your sleep and treatment. Access personalized care plans, set weekly goals, and receive ongoing support to adjust to CPAP.

Sleep tracker for insight

Understand how your body is responding to CPAP. Our advanced sleep tracker provides oxygen levels, heart rate, and more insights every morning to understand your night.


App for accountability

Measure what matters in our mobile app. Monitor your sleep, treatment, and daily activity to hold yourself accountable, optimize your sleep routine, and achieve your health goals.

Community for support

Take action with personalized content matched to your equipment, sleep, and treatment progress. Access community resources including videos, podcasts,  guides, and more.


“Thanks for all your help so far. I'm confident that it's going to make a big difference in my life going forward.”

- Jody S.


How it works


Start with your onboarding

Meet with your personal sleep coach for a 30-minute consultation to get started. They'll help you with any issues and kick off an assessment of your sleep and treatment.

Receive your sleep report

Then, meet with your coach to receive a personalized therapy report including the results of your assessment.  Review your personalized care plan and begin your sleep optimization journey.

Optimize your sleep health

Your team will support you as you complete your care plan by suggesting improvements to your sleep and treatment, adjusting your routine, and celebrating your progress.

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