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CPAP support tools & resources

Adjusting to CPAP can be difficult and often takes some troubleshooting to get it right. Explore our helpful support resources and learn how Somnea can support you with personalized sleep apnea care. 


Members enjoy our complete library of helpful resources and tools. Click below to get started.


7 things you need to know when starting CPAP

Starting CPAP is hard. Getting used to sleeping with the mask is difficult enough. But they don't tell you everything you really need to know. Here are the seven things you should know when starting.

Find the right mask with our CPAP mask finder

Figuring out which is the best mask for you can be difficult. Let us help you narrow the search and find the right CPAP mask by taking our short quiz below.


Get helpful information when you need it

Take action with personalized content matched to your equipment, sleep, lifestyle, and treatment progress. Somnea members can access a complete library of videos, podcasts,  guides, and more.

“I am finding the motivation to push myself to do these little things that I naturally push off.”

- Justin S.


Personalized sleep apnea coaching

Somnea's team of expert CPAP coaches will work with you to improve your sleep and treatment. You receive personalized care plans, weekly goals, and ongoing support to help you adjust to treatment.


How coaching works


Start with your assessment

Meet your team and begin a two-week assessment of your sleep and treatment using your sleep tracker and sleep diary. This helps you better understand how sleep apnea impacts your sleep and body.


Receive your care plan

Then, meet with your coach to review the results of your assessment, and set goals for improvement with your care team. Each week, your coach will update your plan based on your progress.


Ongoing care, anywhere

Your team will support you as you complete your care plan by suggesting improvements to your sleep and treatment, adjusting your equipment settings, and celebrating your progress.

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