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Personalized sleep coaching

Somnea's team of expert sleep coaches will work with you to improve your sleep and treatment. Find out more in your free 15-minute consult.


What's included


Advanced sleep tracker to measure your night

You'll receive a Sleepon Go2sleep ring tracker which measures heart rate, heart rate variability, and blood oxygen all night long. Each morning you can view advanced sleep metrics to understand your sleep and treatment better.

Sleep apnea program tailored to you

Your coach uses real-time insights from your sleep tracker and CPAP machine, combined with your sleep diary, to fine-tune your sleep apnea care plan and recommendations.


Weekly action plans to improve your sleep

Each week, your coach will curate a tailored action plan including goals, recommendations, and other resources to support you. These videos, articles, tips, and more are available anytime along with our complete library of support tools and resources.

On-demand support from a dedicated team

Have your first meeting with your sleep coach within a week. And get unlimited messaging with your coach and care team - all from your mobile phone or desktop.


How it works


Start with your assessment

Meet your team and begin a two-week assessment of your sleep and treatment using your sleep tracker and sleep diary. This helps you better understand how sleep apnea impacts your sleep and body.


Receive your care plan

Then, meet with your coach to review the results of your assessment, and set goals for improvement with your care team. Each week, your coach will update your plan based on your progress.


Ongoing care, anywhere

Your team will support you as you complete your care plan by suggesting improvements to your sleep and treatment, adjusting your equipment settings, and celebrating your progress.

“Thanks for all your help so far. I'm confident that it's going to make a big difference in my life going forward.”

- Jody S.


Get started with your sleep coach

What it costs

One-time enrollment fee to get started

Your enrollment fee covers your sleep tracker, a two-week assessment, two coaching sessions, and a personalized sleep apnea care plan.

Then a monthly charge for ongoing care

Get ongoing support from your sleep coach as you work through your care plan and complete your goals. Includes unlimited messaging and monthly sessions.

If our program doesn't meet your needs, you can request a refund anytime.

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